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Physician to all men If poetry has a healing power, then John Keats is twice a doctor – for he, one of the greatest poets of all time, was actually a physician, a licensed apothecary-surgeon and a general practitioner of medicine. Among romantic poets Keats was the only one who had scientific training. In years […]

By Tamar Zhghenti on 11/28/2020

The Synaesthetic Link Synaesthesia is the condition where an individual’s experiences of the senses blur. Sounds are colourful, words have taste, smells have feelings. Poetic synaesthesia has been considered an ‘innovation of the eighteenth (or even nineteenth) century’ that is associated with a ‘specifically Romantic psychology’ (O’Malley, 1957, pp. 397 – 398). The Romantic poets […]

By Will Sherwood on 11/03/2020

The Romantic Lyric Structure The answer lies in the structure of the Romantic lyric. Jack Stillinger identified that the lyrical poetry of Keats’s time followed a structure as identified in this diagram:  The horizontal line represents the boundary between the real world (below) and the imaginary, or ideal, world (above). The ideal world is placed […]

By Will Sherwood on 11/03/2020

‘Viewless Wings of Poesy’: Oral Enchantment in Keats and Tolkien John Keats (1795 – 1821) and J.R.R. Tolkien (1892 – 1973) are not the most likely of pairings when it comes to comparing writers. Keats was deeply concerned with the beauty and pain that life presented in poems such as ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ and […]

By Will Sherwood on 11/03/2020

For the Love of the Lyre and the Lyricist Keats the Musical is an intriguing project by the composer Álvaro Nascimento Vieira; one which John Keats himself would enjoy because his poems were made for music. It may be argued that John Keats wasn’t a lyricist per se—a person who writes words for music—but this […]

By Martina Nicolls on 08/19/2020

Enchantment, Imagery and the Aesthetics of Sound in the poetry of John Keats Music was seen as a medium through which an elevated state of consciousness could be attained. It bridged the gulf between the form and the formless through the use of imagination, and Keats uses this power of sound and music in his […]

By Yashashree Sanap on 07/17/2020

Enchantment, Imagery and the Aesthetics of Sound in the poetry of John Keats “It’s levi-O-sa, not levio-SA!” This pointed advice offered to Ron by Hermione during their Charms lesson upholds the belief that accurate enunciation of the correct words is crucial for a spell to work its magic; making a mistake in articulation can backfire. […]

By Yashashree Sanap on 06/29/2020

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